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For immediate assistance text Robert. CLICK: 828-234-1195
Dwi Law

How will a DWI effect my license and insurance?

What will happen when I go to court?

What happens if I refused the breathalyzer test?

What if this is my second DWI?

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Criminal Law

What is important in choosing a good lawyer?

What are different ways to post bond?

Should I answer questions from a police officer?

What’s the first step I should take?

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Traffic Law

How will a speeding ticket effect my insurance?

How much are court costs and fines?

How do DMV points effect my drivers license?

What should I do first?

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Child Custody
& Divorce

What is required for emergency custody?

How is marital property divided?

Would a separation agreement be better than going to court?

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Abuse & Neglect

Should I Let DSS into my house?

How do I get DSS out of my life?

Should I sign the papers for the DSS social worker?

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Civil Litigation

What should I do if someone is suing me?

What can I do if someone owes me money?

How can I resolve a dispute with my business partner?

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Robert E. Campbell is an experienced trial attorney having practiced law for 25 years. His criminal trial experience includes trying multiple first degree murder cases and other serious felonies.

As a domestic attorney, his practice includes custody cases, division of marital property, separation agreements, and representing parents against the Department of Social Services in Abuse and Neglect cases.

These cases are stressful and complicated. When deciding on an attorney, there is no substitute for actual real experience in the courtroom.

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